Happy New Year, and welcome to the Elixir Users' Survey 2017, wherein Josh from DailyDrip tries to gather up some fun data for the community to pore over and learn from.
Let's Do This Thing
How many months have you been using Elixir?

What was your primary language before getting interested in Elixir?

How much do you anticipate using Elixir professionally in the next 12 months?

What is your text editor preference?

How would you rate your Elixir expertise?

How would you rate your OTP expertise?

What are your thoughts on automated testing?

Have you contributed open source code in the past year?

What is your employment status?

Which of these languages do you regularly use?

Is Elixir your favorite programming language?

What is your favorite language(s)? Why?

Feel free to go into great detail :)
Which Elixir version are you running on?

Which packages and frameworks are you using?

What other languages do you want to spend time with this year? [part 1]

This covers languages starting with A through L.  There are more coming, don't worry! :)

What other languages do you want to spend time with this year? [part 2]

What other languages do you want to spend time with this year? [part 3]

What other BEAM languages are you interested in?

How do you find the tooling and ecosystem compared to #elm-lang #rust or #golang (or some other language of your choosing)?

In what environment are you using Elixir?

Is Elixir your first FP language?

If Elixir is not your first FP language, do you prefer it over others you've used?

Why do you prefer Elixir over other FP languages, or why do you not?

What do you perceive as the largest barrier preventing you from using Elixir as widely as you like, if any?

Example: Management Buy-In, etc.
Would you say that learning Elixir has changed the way you think about programming and architecting your code and applications?

How are you deploying your Elixir apps?

Where are you deploying your Elixir apps?

What kind of applications are you building with Elixir?

Your information

NOTE: This is completely optional.  Omit it.  Lie to me.  I don't care! :)

Thanks for filling out this year's Elixir Users' Survey.  If you share it then we can get way more information, which I'll compile and share with the community.

This survey is put on each year by Josh Adams from ElixirSips.  I've started a new company, DailyDrip, which has my Elixir screencasts as well as other topics (Elm is awesome!), and has in-browser streaming.  I'd love it if you would be willing to click the button at the bottom to check out DailyDrip. :heart:
Show me that DailyDrip thing eh?
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